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He Ndaa!! Vha ri mini?

Allow us to introduce you to Venda Tribe

Who Are We?

Venḓa Tribe is a website designed with a mission or aim to take the Venda Nation the world through internet.

1st Mission

Our First mission is to help people learn how to speak Tshivenda, what we have done is to translate words from English to Tshivenḓa, and then we inserted an audio for each word. Click the button below to visit the page.

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2nd Mission

We also have a vision of Venḓa being one of the top tourism attracting area in South Africa, so we have made a list of places to visit while in Venḓa,. Click the button below to visit the page.

3rd Mission

Our 3rd mission is to talk about the rich history of the Venḓa Nation, what we have done is to narrate about the history of the Venda Nation and we also have included tips on how you cook some of the meals which Venḓa people eat.

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Launch Date

21 December 2018

How our website layout changed:


versus NOW!!

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