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Ndaa! Vho ṱanganedzwa  [Hello, you are welcome] 



Venḓa Tribe is a website in which people can learn to speak Tshivenḓa with ease through the aid of audio.

It also focuses on explaining the history or the origin of the Venḓa people.

Check out my interview on Vhembe fm below, and more info about Venda Tribe below the video.

Venḓa Tribe will also help in promoting the local businesses of Venḓa and to reveal the beauty of the Venḓa region which is called “Venḓa ḽa ha tshikamuroho” which translates to Venḓa which is full of vegetations.

Please check out my interview on Univen fm below:

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Launched on the 21st of December 2018.

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